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To: Doc Searls - doc@searls.com

Cc: Dave Winer - dave.winer@gmail.com

From: Doug Skoglund - skoglund@pdmsb.com

Date: 26 July 2019 12:00 CDT

Subject: LT0005 - Serious Mistake ????


You and Doc had a brief discussion on Twitter this morning, a discussion that I want to join. However, Twitter doesn't promote that kind of discussion. I managed to capture the following:

Dave Winer:

Let's move beyond that. I have concrete ideas on how to reform media around the current norms - responding by breaking norms, i.e. going places we can't go because we've never gone there before. We should talk about this, maybe do some collaborative writing.

Doc Searls:

Excellent, I'm game.

I am sorry that I don't have access to the entire discussion, I lost the screen full and got an entirely different discussion on rerun.

Let's face the facts, fellows; Twitter and Facebook were not designed for person to person discussion. If you guys decide to "talk about this", please do it in a public forum, where we can all participate in the discussion.

to be continued -

I believe in public discussion; however, Email is the best process for my software in it's present state. I have a lot of work to do on my software, like adding the ability for readers to reply directly, and could really use some help.

Please put a "LetsTalk" in your title to get my attention. rest assured, I am working on a better system.

Doug Skoglund skoglund@pdmsb.com

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